Inspired by the heritage of Japan, Ereganto literally means Elegant in Japanese.

This collection takes you on a journey with its conversational style.

With a rich colour palette and authentic hand painted designs, we have created a sophisticated collection of luxurious fabrics. Printing on velvet, faux silk, heavy linen & cotton blends offers rich textures and dimension.

Complemented with an intricate jacquard and embroidery that offers relief from feature designs. The colour palette offers gold and willow hues that pair with the deep lagoon blues and sapphires to create a luxury stylish atmosphere.

Classic chinoiserie blue and earthy taupe & stone complete the story.

The Full Collection:

Design: Kawa

Design: Kimono

Design: Koi

Design: Kutani

Design: Shibui

Design: Sumi

Design: Tora

Design: Yama