An exotic collection inspired by the indigenous tribes of Papua New Guinea and their traditions for body art and camouflage.  Their unique harmony with nature using organic materials to adorn their bodies is truly creative and our source of design reference.  Using some of the latest production techniques we have created a rich and luxurious collection, offering depth, texture and dimensional effect.

Offered in four stunning colour families, Glacier which covers silver grey to rich granite, Lagoon gives you indigo to sky blues, Verde explores the rich palette of greens and Spice offers warmth with rich golds, orange and chocolate.

This collection offers innovation in design, with hand painted creations that truly complement the original source of inspiration. 

The Full Collection:

Design: Ambunti

Design: Batanta

Design: Ibuka

Design: Kapuri

Design: Miwa

Design: Raggiana

Design: Tapini

Design: Tari

Design: Tufi

Design: Yandala